One road to Asa Akira

Tijana Bogicevic- Hajde Onda Nista

Like an undertow
I feel the promise of the nighttime
But I've been down that road
And my search came to an end
I hit the motherload
Enough blues for a lifetime
Now I'm digging deep inside
Trying to find my way back again
You know you've entered the danger zone
When you look in the eyes and there's no one home
Ain't going down this time
This time I ain't going down

Saw you flying by
Flash of Turquoise Blue
I just had to try
To keep your life in view

My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise

Wish that I could fly
I'd be beside you now
But I can only sigh
And watch you circle round

Solaža govori sve, ovde je tekst šlag na torti.

Uuuu neočekivani Snowy White prijatno sam iznenađen. +1000000 za solažu

Fala Bogu da još neko zna za njih. Rispekt!

I just can't get away from you
Everywhere I turn, I see your face
Something holds me back each time
I tried to let go
Pulling at my heart's strings
Telling me no

Voices in the rain
Set me free
Voices in the rain

I hear the words you used to say
Closed my eyes to love, I turned away
Now I see the fool I've been
I'm running to you
Get my mind by hearing your message carry me through

Voices in the rain
Set me free
Voices in the rain
Voices in the rain
Running to you
Voices in the rain

Riblja Corba - Dusa nije na prodaju

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Tužna priča predstavljena kroz šaljiv tekst.

They don't write 'em like that anymore
They just don't write 'em like that anymore

Dino Merlin - Ako izgovorim ljubav


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