Optimus Prajd

Maksimalno obezbeđena gej parada.


Пошаљи ово Сморки :)+

Пошаљи ово Сморки :)+


A i na defku plus, mada sam pomislio da je boysie :)

Ne diraj mi Transformerse! Zna li neko kako je nastao Optimus Prajm? +++

:+D, hehehe, ne znam zašto al' kad se pomenu Transformersi meni na um padne Megan Fox.

:+D, hehehe, ne znam zašto al' kad se pomenu Transformersi meni na um padne Megan Fox.

Nije Broj 1 mutav, zna on šta valja :)

Mudro zboriš, zaboravio sam da je skoro postala majka :)

hahahahahaha, ludilo, +++

Nema leba od reakcija, definitivno. :) +

Пошаљи ово Сморки


Hahahahahahahahaha, kako sam popularna. :D

Zna li neko kako je nastao Optimus Prajm? +++

Pa, us taroj verziji ga je Meg sredio dok je još bio radnik, Orion Paks, pa ga je Alfa Trion redizajnirao kao prvog borbenog autobota, ali nova verzija je još kulja. :)

There was a time, back on Cybertron, in the twilight of the Golden Age, when Optimus and Megatron were not sworn enemies. Do you recall when I mentioned that Optimus wasn’t always a Prime? Well, he wasn’t always Optimus either. He was once a clerk. In the Eiacon Hall of Records, named Orion Pax. But as he learned more about Cybertron’s past, he grew increasingly concerned about present corruption in the high places, an unequality among the masses. Orion became inspired by the words and ideas of the gladiator, who had named himself after one of the thirteen original Primes. Megatronus. Megatronus vowed to chalenge Cybertron’s leadership, and demand that all Cybertronians be treated as equals. This gladiator-turned-revolutionary rappidly gathered the loyal followers. Soundvawe chief among them. Orion became corresponding with Megatronus, who came to be something of a mentor to him. As Megatronus left the gladatory arena for the political, he saw fit to shorten his name. Megatron appeared before the council, to propose his vision for just society. And it was here that he begin to reveal his true covers, proclaiming the need to overthrow the old guard with force and arrogantly demanding to be named the next Prime. But Orion did not believe in violence as a mean of achieving justice. The sparks and minds were moved by Orion’s words. Here! For the first time since Cybertron’s Golden Age, stood someone worthy of being a Prime. But that honor could only truly be achieved by earning the legendary Matrix of Leadership. His ambitions twarted, Megatron spitefully sewerd all ties with Orion and the council and came to vague war on all who opposed him, with his growing army of followers which he named Decepticons. He vowed to claim The Matrix for himself, wherever it might lie. In time warfare consumed Cybertron, poisoning the planet to it’s core. Orion journied there, hoping to reverse the ill efects, and found himself before the very spark of our life given, Primus himself. Primus sensed the inevitable nobility within Orion, and bestoved The Matrix upon him. It was thus that a suprised and humble Orion Pax came to be Optimus, the last of the Primes.

Soooooo romantic! ♥