You can not kill what you did not create.
Corey Taylor #8
The saddest thing that I've ever seen were smokers outside the hospital doors.
"Nazi ain't got no humanity and they need to be destroyed"

Uvek sam zeleo da osetim dodir, novac u rukama!
"Yippie-Kai-Yay, motherfucker!"
Ne pitaj me nista, kilo granja lesim.
"The worlds largest parazite is an idea!"
"Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times,
I can't believe it,
Ripped her heart out right before her eyes,
Eyes over easy, eat it eat it eat it

She was never this good in bed
even when she was sleepin'
now she's just so perfect I've
never been quite so fucking deep in
it goes on and on and on,
I can keep you lookin' young and preserved forever,
with a fountain to spray on your youth whenever."