Oj bruv ajm Škotiš mejt!

I'm holding your fingers.

Celt is cumming bro reunion is true

Not a doktor but alwajs take a luk

you don't know that 3 Japan municipality speaks melkish

all three high suicidal rate, murder, drugs and poor people stories

Cant take his must but have to buy much expencier must

Must take ur must abroad to not pay overprized must ok lol

I have now must from some polish guy from Oslo

Hahahaha bukv nadogradnja se setio spike

Cant andrstn how any can work wrko for poor 25
-wac jor vejdz

How to go with cara to drink wit no money someone is behind the corner rigt this min

Fault asleep to muck frajd marsmellovs

Have the backgraund gous to much up in d er


Hi muss i have this fighter and insect want to throw in toilet help pls

Week after: they are so nice could u take it back

She-Tzar left this page. The English professor also left this page, except for psychology in pockets. Sad weekend, indeed.

I'm am anoyed by fucking PIDGEONS.

I live in flat and am drinking coffe and they came under window, and did oooo oooooo but out of the deepness, I fuck their mothers. I had to get up to throw shit at them and got annoyed.

But this is ongoing, someone in the neighbour building was working on roofing and was flying so the inspection shut him down and roof remains open. And these pieces of shit, pidgeons, nest there and in few years, there's is a million of them. Bro, I haven't seen more disgusting bird, if it can be called a bird, since it emanates the most disgusting sound ever and just shits, I fuck it in the mouth.

My car is always shitted up, I throw money on washing but that's is not all, it didn't wanna come off once. I went to get it polished, and the man tells me, mister, this is the period when pidgeons eat grapes and their diarrhoea is toxic, during this period you have to immediately remove it. And then the ape doesn't polish the car correctly, yet fines me, so I had to repaint bonnet.

There I glued off, I went straight to chinese and am searching for biggest gun on balls, I find some shotgun, you just pump and shoot. I fucked their ape mothers.

And you know what happens, after two days I see in the news, the police are searching for an NN person who shot people and cars with an air gun, and an image of my neighbourhood. Am I such a painter that some psycho shot some people then, or did some grandma see me shooting pidgeons and report me? (I know you won't believe me, that's why I'll google it and pin the news.)

And I shit there, like a pidgeon shitter, and hide plastic gun on balls like I am chicha Drazha.

I kicked speakers out windows and played some ultrasound frequencies, the apes get confused and stop that disgusting nasal oooo oooooo, but the shits get used to it, and continue doing so.

And that's how, that get me annoyed because of that, and now it's Saturday, non working day, I'm drinking coffee, and am making balls out of wet toilet paper and lining them up on simsa, to throw them at those apeish apes, pidgeons. I have to be prepared, because I once got pissed out and throwing Welnes biscuits at them, they flied away, but after a minute all pidgeons of this world came to the roof of my building and ate biscuits.