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Our experience in space combat is limited to our conquest of Earth's moon about 40 years ago, and that wasn't much of a battle.
War and football are literally the only ways England and Germany can communicate.
Good versus evil. Evil seems to get the upper hand. Good triumphs with vastly superior automatic weapons!
The Red Army's elite sniper teams, when not busy killing Nazis, used their spare time to think up new and interesting methods of killing Nazis. In one of these epic brainstorming sessions, Zaitsev, probably after frantically sketching something in his notebook while making explosion noises with his mouth, came up with the idea to take a scope from a Sniper Rifle and attach it to a giant 14.5 mm PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle. He wanted to use it to kill bunkers.

Entire bunkers.

Just straight up murder a fortified concrete fortress.

E, drugo kazu 'Talijani. Oni vele: kod nas je sve motorizovano. Nasi su mitraljezi FIAT, nasi su tenkovi FIAT, nasi su avioni FIAT i sta sve ja znam... u picku materinu. Znamo mi to, ali je u njih i srce FIAT, jebo ih sveti Jeronim na nebu.

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Придружи се анархичним ратним хаверима који иду у разбијање завере против усташких комуњара,а све у циљу ослобађања Шведске!
Да ли си спреман да прихватиш овај свети позив?

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